Rehabilitaion services to put you on the road to a real recovery

Putting you on the road to recovery.

Pfrimmer Deep Muscle Therapy®

This is a specific series of deep muscle manipulations that work to open the layers of muscles which restores the circulation of the blood and lymphatic fluids, this promotes natural healing at the cellular level. The therapy is deep yet normally painless.
Full Body Sessions:
Deluxe               105 min           $145.00
Full                     90 min            $125.00
Basic                   60 min             $85.00
Partial Sessions: available only after a full body session 
Specific                30 min           $45.00
Health Facial                              $45.00 

Balance Technique

This technique uses specific movements to bring the parts of the body back into proper “balance” thus relieving pain and allowing proper movement. 


30 min                                      $30.00  
15 min                                      $20.00

General Specific Therapy

This session incompasses modalities which help heal an injury or to relieve pain in an area of chronic complaint. 


45 min                                      $45.00
30 min                                      $35.00
15 min                                      $20.00

Back Rehabilitation Program

4 Week

This Program consists of 4, seven-day cycles, which corresponds to the body’s natural healing cycle. Each seven-day cycle starts with a PDMT™ session and schedule of FSSE. 


Additional Services will be added as they become available.
 15% Military Discount